Local Municipal Parks Info

Let’s say you come to the Smoky Mountains and have small children who won’t know a big, expensive attraction from a small, free one or simply want to give the kids somewhere to run around and play in without having to spend much of anything. That’s where the numerous municipal city parks come in.

Most are pretty easy to find and have enough amenities to enjoy a variety of activities for a variety of reasons. Take a look:

* Herbert Holt Park *
Herbert Holt is located just as you’re coming into Gatlinburg on the righthand side of the street (you’ll see the sign). It’s Gatlinburg’s quietest park, hidden away from the bustling city, and features a pavilion, walk trail, and free fishing for kids under 12 in the river! The pavilion can be reserved, please call the Gatlinburg Community Center for reservations.

* Mills Park *
Mills Park, located just off highway 321 (stoplight #3) and below the Community Center, is a lovely area where many of Gatlinburg Pittman’s sports games are held – soccer, baseball, field, etc. The park features a pavilion, a couple play areas, basketball court, soccer field, track field, and within walking distance to the Gatlinburg Community Center. The pavilion can be reserved by calling the Gatlinburg Community Center.

*Mynatt Park *
Mynatt Park, located in downtown Gatlinburg, is another beautiful, expansive park with all the amenities. This park features: A large pavilion, large picnic area, tennis and basketball courts, baseball field, 2 separate play areas, and free fishing for kids under 12! Pavilion can be reserved by calling the Gatlinburg Community Center.

* Patriot Park *
Patriot Park, next to the Historic Old Mill, is a great example of “Less is more!” The park is a big, wide open space featuring a walk trail, flags of all 50 states, a historic missile, pavilion & gazebo, and The Winterfest Lights! Also, the Old Mill complex features a bakery, candy store, toy store, pottery store, several craft stores, a creamy, the Old Mill Restaurant & the Old Mill. Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge Tennessee is near the Old Mill and Old Mill Restaurant. Take some bread or purchase grain at the mill to feed the ducks. The kids will love it! You may even find some Pigeons that will eat out of your hand!

* Wear Farm City Park *
On Wears Valley road towards Pigeon Forge is the Wear Farm city park where visitors and locals alike can spend an afternoon for simple fun and exercise. This is a large, open facility with two children’s playgrounds, football field, five baseball fields, pavilion, walking trails, basketball court, two concession stands and much more

* Sevierville Park *
Sevierville Park, located on Park Road, is a beautiful park with all the amenities, such as a Seasonal Swimming Pool, Walk Trail around the park, a woods area and river, basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis areas, and a large wooden play area called Mount Ton of Fun! Picnic tables and pavilion reservations are also available, to reserve a pavilion, please call the Sevierville Community Center.

* Townsend Wye *
One of the most popular recreational riverbeds in East Tennessee, the Townsend Wye is a tradition for thousands of locals and visitors every year. The Wye is just a single river cutting through the National Park running alongside the main road of Townsend, but it’s just wide enough without needing to be too wide, and shallow enough for people to enjoy swimming, fishing, tubing, what have you! There are also plenty of good spots to enjoy a simple picnic or family get-together as well. Parking is free, but you need to expect parking spaces will fill up quickly during the Summer and most vacation periods outside of Winter. Shuttles may also be available for transport. Also, as the river has no lifeguard or safety regulation in place, exercise good judgment at all times.