Day Trip to Asheville

For those who don’t mind some driving through the woods, you could be able to find some genuinely funky things to enjoy at a popular day trip destination for Smoky Mountain denizens and visitors – hip and happenin’ Asheville, North Carolina.

Asheville is no small effort to get to, from Pigeon Forge alone it is nearly a 2-hour drive, but those who prepare for it and make the journey will find it thoroughly worth it. You’ll go through a back road that connects Pigeon Forge to Jones Cove and on to Cosby alongside part of the National Park. From Cosby, you’ll connect onto the Foothills Parkway going through the National Park, cresting alongside Harrison, TN, the Waterville Lake, and through several smaller communities before reaching the city of Asheville.

Once you get here, there’s a lot of ways you can explore and venture through this section of the Blue Ridge mountains. It’s more than we could write here, so we’ll bring it down to the key points:

* Walking tours through the city.
* Farm-to-table tours.
* The Beach at Lake Lure.
* Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway.
* Tour the Moog factory.
* Take in the wonderful, eclectic sights and sounds of the downtown area.
* Visit Chimney Rock State Park.
* Hike Grandfather Mountain.

And much more you can see at