Arrowmont in Gatlinburg

Accurately referred to as a national treasture here in the Smoky Mountains, Arrowmont is both a school for southern Appalachian arts and crafts as well as one of the hearts of the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community.

The Arrowmont school is culturally relevant to the Smokies with it’s storied history and continued influence on our local economy. Arrowmont began back in 1912 as the original Pi Beta Phi Settlement School (the current Pi Beta Phi is located literally a stone’s throw away from it) and provided education to a community where no formal schooling was available. The roots of arts education began there and, more than a century later, those roots have made Gatlinburg one of the big arts and crafts centers of the American South. It’s influence is felt very strongly in downtown Gatlinburg, the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community in the Glades, the arts of nearby Cosby, Pigeon Forge, Wears Valley and everywhere inbetween.

Today, Arrowmont lets visitors come and purchase works of art in their store in downtown Gatlinburg as well as plays host to exhibitions and other special events throughout the year.

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